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BSC is a non profit organization established in Bologna in 2001 after a successful workshop on the old people living conditions within the modern society held two years before. Luigi Pagnoni and Lucio Pardo, actually BSC secretary and vice-president respectively, had the idea to collect all the scientific contributions presented during that workshop into a book titled "Old young people or young old men?". Over 90 researchers, scientists and health professionals, Italian and foreigners, contributed to this book according own different points of view given by their own professional and personal background.

The preface of the book was written by Prof. Elie Wiesel, Boston University (USA), Nobel Prize winner for peace. The book is presented by the Chancellor of the university of Bologna, Prof. Calzolari, by the President of the Emilia- Romagna region, the president f the province of Bologna and by the mayor of the commune of Bologna. All the Committee's members think that the book could be useful not only for patients but also for all the Italian National Health Service professionals.

It is expected that other workshops focused on other important social and health issues will follow the first one.

BSC has launched its journal "Cauterium" committed to care about next monographic studies and a newsletter "Bollettino BSC" (BSC Bulletin), responsible for the dissemination of the BSC initiatives.

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